The impact of exercise on excretory system of the body.
The impact of exercise on excretory system of the body. Physical activity significantly alter the activity of the kidneys. These changes depend on the nature of muscular activity and the fitness level of the body.…

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS VITAL FOR ALMOST ALL BREEDS OF DOGS. What gives the dog exercise? improves cardiovascular activity trains the heart; strengthens bones, develops the joints and muscles, forms the skeleton; contributes to…

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Body type and physical activity
Every physical type — its load Age, individual characteristics of metabolism and physical type – three options, without which there can not be any fitness program. Sadly, but after 25 years the metabolism in the…

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Respiratory gimnastika

Breathing exercises

Since the respiration, the process of phonation and articulation is a single interdependent processes, training of breathing . improving voice and refinement of articulation are held simultaneously. Complicated task gradually: training a long speech exhalation is first performed on the individual sounds, then words, then a short phrase, when reading-research Institute of poetry and prose.

A complex of exercises for education of the speech breathing is recommended to perform at rest (lying, sitting, standing and during movement.

Objectives of gymnastics is to master the technique of mixed-diaphragmatic breathing with the activation of the abdominal muscles; consciously to adjust his rhythm, and the correct ratio of inhalation and exhalation, the distribution of the expiration of certain speech segments, based on the logic.

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System recovery after heavy training and competitive loads

System recovery after heavy training and competitive loads

Athlete training is characterized by two opposite processes that make up one whole. On the one hand, this reduced efficiency as a result of the performed training work (and the higher the load, the greater reduced working capacity). on the other hand, it is her recovery and overreduction.

A systematic increase in the volume and intensity of training loads —an indispensable condition for the growth of sports results. But the process of intensification of the training process cannot take place without the creation of favorable conditions for the recovery processes.


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As it is impossible to do jogou

How not to do yoga

Today, yoga is no surprise. After all, yoga is not only fashionable but also very useful. Yoga improve health, cure ailments, help to find peace of mind. But there is a question if it’s actually? We offer you to look into this together. First find out how yoga cannot be done and what precautions need to be observed.

First, yoga is one way or another, but a certain load, so before proceeding to the exercises, you should consult a doctor, especially if you have a chronic illness. Otherwise, their health can cause harm.

Secondly, I dare say, no one will refute the fact that a positive result is possible only if carried out by a professional instructor. You should not learn yoga from books, because even the question of who actually is the author and if he’s even got an idea of what he wrote. Moreover, yoga at home without any supervision by a specialist fraught with sprains and bruises. In short, come to the yoga classes wisely: choose a good room and an experienced Continue reading

Means of maintaining a healthy microclimate in the apartment

Recirculator — a means of maintaining a healthy microclimate in the apartment

Health is the most precious gift given to us by nature and clean air, which guarantees an air purifier for the home – the key to a healthy and long life. However, in the XXI century fresh and clean air is a rare phenomenon, especially in the cities, not to mention Metropolitan areas. Today air pollution is a factor in the development of many diseases: from cancer to seasonal outbreak, so fresh air is super-important to humans.

Our body is susceptible to outside influence, and is designed so that even the presence of good health and a strong immune system is no guarantee that he will not get sick, if you constantly inhales air with a large concentration of viruses, bacteria, carcinogens, etc. How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from poor quality air?

Today, technological progress is not only the cause of environmental pollution, but also enables a person to localize the harmful Continue reading

Solve the problem of health in sedentary work without leaving

Solve the problem of health in sedentary work without interrupting production

Every day people working in offices, bezvylazno sit behind their desks, buried in papers, italicise in computer monitors, and at the end of the working day you feel like you unloaded a whole train of wagons with coal. The reason for this is a big mental load, the load on the eyes, a tremendous burden on the spine, due to prolonged immobility of the body there is constant tension of the same muscles (neck, back), constant restraint of the organs of abdominal cavity and small

pelvis, the perfusion of the cells, lack of oxygen in the body because the lungs are not fully expanded, etc. All this leads to fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy, loss of mood, nervousness and naturally low workability, and eventually the emergence of a whole bouquet of diseases (diabetes, cholecystitis, gastritis, back pain, hemorrhoids, men, necessarily, prostatitis, etc.).

There are some ways to maintain health at work. In Japan and China, Continue reading

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